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About Espresso

On the 3rd of June, 1998, a humble pavement caffe opened with just eight tables. These eight tables, with their crisp white linen, were the beginning of the Espresso dream, which continues today and is expressed through consistent, quality food and enthusiastic service. Now, Espresso spills out onto the pavement, a bustling hive of towering salads, exquisite cocktails and beautiful people, many of whom have been frequenting Espresso since its inception, and who bring their kids to eat chicken sticks and shoelace fries, just as they once did. 

Espresso’s pavement, the famous catwalk of Parkhurst, has been home to many memories, and we are so honoured to see three generations of customers returning week after week. We love the romances that began over plates of our food, and seeing those couples return with their children to where it all started. 

Twenty-one years later, at the heart of the bustling 4thAvenue strip, Espresso continues to serve delicious, fresh and constantly brilliant meals out of the infamously tiny kitchen six days a week, with new additions to the menu every season, and an extensive wine and cocktail offering as well. Famous for our generous portions and secret sauces, we hope that the Espresso journey will continue for many more years, and plates, to come. 

Espresso's early days - 1998
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